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A Brief History of Cisco Certification



In 1984, married couple Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack founded Cisco Systems. Sandy and Len were employed by Stanford University as computer engineers. Cisco Systems created the first commercially accepted multi-protocol router. Timing was instrumental in the release of this product and it entered the market at just the right time. This router gave incompatible computers the ability to communicate with each other and was a boon to the growth of the internet.

The company went public only six years after it was founded and the company continued to grow and expand in the continuing years. Cisco Systems continues to remain on the cutting edge of network systems technology and is a leader in Internet technology.

In 1993, Cisco Systems established Cisco Academies to assist in the training of network associates. Ideally these academies would insure that all Cisco associates possessed the skill set and knowledge needed to work on complex Cisco networks. Cisco Certification training was implemented to assist candidates by preparing them for their certification exams. You can also visit sites online like tests live, where you can find knowledge and tips to help you pass your exams. A Cisco certification remains one of the most important indicators of network professional’s capabilities, use every resource available to help you prepare for your own career boost.

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Kompanija Cisco Systems poseduje svoj set znanja i poslovne kulture koji su cenjeni svuda u svetu. Da biste se zaposlili u Cisco Sistemu potrebno je i preporučljivo da položite kompanijske testove i dobijete Cisco sertfikat da posedujete sve veštine i znanja koja su poželjna za rad u kompaniji. Proverite da li ste spremni svojim znanjima i sposobnostima da se priključite kompaniji Cisco – položite test i dobijte Cisco sertifikat.