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Recept za Američki čokoladni kolač – keks po receptu Kerin Dakić


Kerin Dakić je sjajna osoba i sjajna kuvarica. Sa zadovoljstvom nastavljamo da objavljujemo njene recepte koje nam šalje sa Floride, Sjedinjene Američke Države. Danas su na meniju američki čokoladni kolači, kako ona kaže „suštinski američki kolač“, s obzirom da je dosta njenih prijatelja tražilo upravo ovaj recept – oni koji su probali kolač dok je Kerin bila sa nama u Beogradu. Recept dajemo na engleskom jeziku kako nam ga je Kerin poslala uz njen propratni tekst. Neće vam biti teško da uz pomoć Google Translate prevodioca da prevedete reči koje ne znate.


Chocolate chips cookies are the quintessential American cookie; I don’t know any American who does not love them!  Actually, they are quite popular within our group of friends in Belgrade and I have been asked on a few occasions for this recipe.

Most American cookies start with basic dough made of flour, sugar, eggs and baking soda/powder. These cookies contain light brown sugar which can be found fairly easily in Belgrade. I use a brand from Macedonia – “Vitalia Light Muscovado”- or I think it also says “svetlo smedji secer” and comes in a green and red box of 500gr. I know that most of the major supermarkets have it as well as the zdrava hrana stores. This is a very important ingredient to these cookies because it gives them moisture and a wonderful depth of flavor.

Another ingredient that they call for is “vanilla extract”. Don’t be fooled-this is NOT the same as Dr. Oetker’s vial of “butter vanilla” flavoring.  If you cannot find real vanilla extract, then I might suggest adding an envelope of vanilla secer; it’s not the same, but will give them a hint of vanilla flavor. If you have the time (at least 6 months), you can make your own vanilla extract with vanilla pods and vodka!

The recipe also calls for “semi-sweet chocolate morsels”. These are not available in Serbia, but I found a perfect substitution! I use “Soko Stark Menaž crna čokolada”.  I freeze two 100gr. bars and gently hit the frozen bars with a rolling pin or hammer to break it up into small pieces!  Perfect!

Prijatno !!


American Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe


225 g butter, softened at room temperature (do NOT melt!)  – omekšan maslac (ali ne istopljen!)

200 g white sugar – beli šećer

220 g packed brown sugar – braon, tamno smedji šećer

2 eggs – 2 jaja

2 teaspoons vanilla extract – 2 kašičice vanila ekstrakta

375 g flour (meka tip 500) – meko brašno

1 teaspoon baking soda – 1 kašičica soda bikarbone

2 teaspoons hot water – 2 kašičica tople vode

½ teaspoon salt – pola kašičice soli

335 g semisweet chocolate morsels – poluslatki komadići Menaž čokolade



DIRECTIONS – Uputstvo za pripremu:

1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees centigrade

2. With a mixer, cream together the butter, white sugar, and brown sugar until smooth. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir in the vanilla. Dissolve baking soda in hot water and add to batter along with salt. By hand, stir in flour and chocolate morsels. Drop by large spoonfuls (they will flatten out in the oven) onto ungreased pans leaving about 3-4 cm in between each cookie.

3. Bake for about 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until edges are lightly browned (you do not want them brown, but just starting to turn golden). Leave them to cool for a few minutes on the pan before removing them to a rack to cool. You will have to do this in several batches and let the pan cool down in between baking, otherwise the cookies will flatten too much.

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