Different worlds and parallel realities of life 

Why is existing illusion about better world when we have parallel realities of life



Illusion and parallel realities of life - different worlds

First time I became aware of parallel realities we all live in was when I moved to Sweden, back in the  ’90ties.

I could see with „naked eye“ that foreigners and natives live only next to each other, not one with another,  mix only when they need to or when circumstances impose it on them, in majority of cases.

Natural curiosity dies as we get older, unless we do it for living.

As for people close to us, somehow we start to take them for granted, stereotype them and judge them more harshly should they fail to fulfil our expectations.

When I went to Sweden, which could be any other country I learned later, after I moved around to Spain and the Netherlands, been back to Serbia as well, I became aware that this self imposed ignorance and parallel reality existed while I was growing up as well, in my own backyard sort to say. But I was oblivious to it.

To recognise it, I only had to remind myself of the people who crossed my life path while I was at the University, who moved from smaller placed in Serbia, to come to live and study in Belgrade.

I was indeed oblivious to them. My excuse was that I had full life, lots of friends, family, my safe heaven and my support system in place that did not allow spare or extra time for new faces. I had no need nor time for them.

When I got into similar situation, once I moved abroad, I came to think about them and placed myself in their shoes and understood them all to well. I understood  the instincts for survival and finding your place in a society, all to well.

More than once, that is.

Now that was an easy one.

Two weeks ago I started to think about just how ignorant I have become, at this stage and age in my life.

So I decided to do a little experiment with myself.

I decided to expose myself to all the information that is available on internet that I normally would consider too negative,  not „in“ and has no place in my parallel world, on a continuous basis.

I realised that it has to be conscious decision to go as far as I could physically sustain in order to measure it.

So I exposed myself to all the „negative“ information, hard stuff, past experiences, strangers attacks and criticism, none verbal  gestures and silence and along the way I was measuring my own reaction, feelings and thoughts.

The conclusion follows:

– everything we do , absolutely everything, no matter how we „pack it“, is to satisfy our own needs, materialistic or none materialistic. as individuals as well as nations.

– in 90 % we look for info that fortifies what we already think

– our parallel realities are our self imposed prison

– we will be accepted with utmost suspicion in 94 % cases in already established circles , where “ roles“ are already taken, even with the purest of intentions

– imperialism has never died

– freedom of Thoughts is the only freedom humans ever had and will ever have

– democracy today –  is choosing between the lesser evil

– majority of politicians are ambitious psychopaths

– we , humans, in majority of cases will find any excuse possible to justify our actions and ourselves, the most civilised way been “ no hard feelings“, that bares least responsibilities

 – in average we live for 851 months and I will always be amazed what damage we are capable to inflict to our fellow human beings and the planet as we just as we briefly walk this planet.

Summary :

The world is wonderful and crazy place at the same time.

There are good people and bad people, all other divisions are artificial.

Bad people flatter our ego and vanity, good people force us to deal with it .

Self imposed ignorance is unconscious but inevitable choice, a mean to survive.

I only have here and now. Everything else is an illusion.


Ljiljana Arsenijevic

. . .