Novi spot somborskog benda Jam Display. U spotu se pojavljuje holivudski glumac LAZAR Rockwood.


Jam Display is a Pop/Rock/Funk band from Sombor, Serbia. The band was formed in 2013 by the founding members Aleksandar Pavic (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals) and Robert Budai (Electric Guitar) later joined by Albert Fridrih (Drums) and Bojan Milic (Bass Guitar).

They all started jamming and have formed a musical bond on a higher level because of similar music interests. They not only play good music but their live act is spectacular and energetic. Their musical style is influenced by many Pop, Rock, Funk and Jazz bands so they find themselves inbetween all these genres.

Waiting For The Rain“ by Jam Display

Directed by Robert Budai

Music & sound production by Aleksandar Vaci „Shazz“

Special thanks to our great friend, the one and only Lazar Rockwood.



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